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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Purerehua poem


I made my Purerehua
out of driftwood
found on the shore
of Karoro beach

I had to sandpaper
Until the wood was smooth.
I drilled a hole in it
To put string through
so I can spin it around.

to make a buzzing sound
when you spin
to lure in lizards
and to make it rain


The Troops Of Reach

Rendered Image
Unsc dialog color

Spartan cliff dialog color       

Spartan bolder dialog color

Spartan Cliff he wears the recruit class armor he stands about seven feet
(2.13 m) tall his armor black and yellow and his viser is blue.

Spartan Bolder is about the same height as spartan cliff he wears mark
vi class armor and his armor is red and black and has a blue viser.

The Covenant is a army of lots of alien speeches put together.
The leaders of The Covenant The San'Shyuum aka Prophets.
The Sangheili aka the elites.
The Lekgolo aka the hunters.
The Unggoy aka the grunts.
The Yanme'e aka drones.
The Jiralhanae aka Brutes.
The kig yar aka the Jackals and Skirmishers.
The Huragok aka Engineers.
Maybe not all of them will be used.   

When Spartan Cliff and Spartan Bolder had landed they were told to go
to the briefing room to get told what their mission objective was.

There has been some Seismic Activity happening around the
eastern side of Reach We are sending you to see what is causing
it and report back when you find out what it is causing it.”

Spartan Cliff and Spartan Bolder were told more about the mission and
then dropped from a Pelican.

Spartan Cliff and Spartan Bolder jumped from the Pelican when they
had landed puffs of dust went up in the air.

It was a decent way away from the location of the seismic activity.

They had to walk the rest of the way they slowly walked through the
all the trees and bush.
What do you think it is?”
Don’t know, but I don’t think it's anything
When Spartan Cliff and Spartan Bolder got to the canyon they couldn't

see anything because the fog was so thick.
Spartan Cliff and Spartan Bolder went down to get a better look.
Get down now.
Why what is it.
I saw something.
It's probably just a animal.
No it’s not.
That’s not an animal.
  “It’s an elite.

They tried desperately to radio the base but the come were down.  When

they started moving around one of the elites saw them.
They got behind cover, the Covenant started opening fire at them.

Spartan Cliff yelled out to Spartan Bolder.
GOT IT.” The pink needles from the needaler fly over their heads.
The light from the moon reflecting off their visors.

When they had taken out all of them all that was was left was bullet
holes and shrapnel everywhere. They got up and started walking
through all the fog and smoke.

It was like the smoke and fog was climbing up their armor.
They will be sending more we got to find out what their doing here.”

They sneaked into the covenant ship. they found a lab fall with
different planets technology; guns,ammo. “Where did they get this stuff.
Wait what's that?”

The covenant have found the location of the Milky Way.
If I'm right this covenant ship should not have sent this data to their
fleet because this looks like new information.

How do you know it's the Milky Way hmm?
I have seen lots of maps and thing about what it looks like.”
We need to destroy this.
Dude we’re going to destroy this ship anyway so a ya.
They place bombs in the lab and then they were heading for the
bridge too.  They got to the bridge of the ship after fighting past lots
elite jackals and grunts.
“They’re signaling the covenant fleet to come to reach.” “they have
found reach” “we need to warn the unsc right NOW” but when they
were running out Spartan Bolder got a needler shot to the neck by one
of the injured jackals left on the ground.


Spartan Cliff grabbed spartan boulders dog tag and ran to the exit of
the ship. When he got out the unsc coms where backup.    

We know there getting ready to glass the planet.
(Which means that they’re going to shoot a big beem out of there
ships and bern the planet

We’re coming to get you and Spartan Bolder where getting off Reach.
Spartan Bolder is KIA sir.
We will worry about that later. Spartan we’re coming to get you
now, be ready for pick up.”

Got it sir” (a few minutes later) “get in Spartan.
I put booms on that ship sir when we are out of the blast radius
I will blow the ship to pieces.”
There’s more than 20 ships here.”
They really want Reach gone.”
We’re leaving the atmosphere hang on tight.”
Reach it nothing but as he now.”
We could never had stopped this they have been here for months
before we picked up the seismic activity that's why when we found
them it was already to late they had been setting this up for months
and we never new”.

Are we out of the blast radius yet Spartanyes sir” “then blow it
setting it off in  3 2 1 BOOM !!!”  ( 5 years after reach had fallen)    
Spartan Cliff.
You are being assigned to a new spartan.
Who is it sir?
Spartan Caboose1784.
Yes sir.
HI Spartan Cliff…   

    THE END...Rendered Image



Space Inquiry

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Monday, 12 March 2018

Safe Cycling

Safe Cycling Skills - A statistical investigation

Question: Are Karoro School senior students safe cyclists on the roads?

Recently Room One students participated in a safe cycling skills programme facilitated by the
New Zealand Police.

Students learned about the correct way to wear their bicycle helmet. Helmets need to be
tightened we had to make it so so the helmet straps are up to your ears. In the picture
you see Constable Jos doing up Max's hemet so it is safe on his head if he falls off.  
Also there is a two finger rule: you put two fingers on your forehead and if it's right then you
should have the helmet on the top of the side of your finger and your other fingers side on
the edge of your forehead.

The bike check is where we looked at the bike to see if it is up to date.
You have to have the red
light if you do not have it then you get a 150 dollar fine even if you’re a kid!
You also need to have brakes or you will get fined for each 1 missing. You
also must have all of the spokes.  If you have no idea what they are they are
they are little bars that are on the inside of the wheel. Make sure your bike
chain is not on an angle. You can check that by lifting your bike on to one
wheel and then check if it is, if it is just put it back into place.

Road rules
There are a lot of rules. When you’re about to go around a corner you
look behind you then you put one of your hands out to signal left or right,
whatever way you’re going. Just before you  turn you look behind you one
more time just to make sure there's no cars behind you before you turn.

If you’re on the road you should at least be a meter away from the side of the
edge of the footpath. I don't know what a meter is’ I got told it is about an arms length.

When you want to stop and there’s a car is behind you or I think even if there's not,
you should still do this signal: you just need to put your hand in the air, and put your
hand out to the right  and open the palm of your hand and slow down. The car should
know that you are
stopping because they would have got told in their driver's test what the hand signals
mean. Just to be safe you should look behind you just to make sure you know if there's
something behind you, just to be safe.

You have to have a certain size wheel on your bike to be on the footpath. I think that's
pretty weird if you ask me. If it is not the right size then you can not be on the footpath’
you have to be on the road.
The second session involved a skills based session on the court. Students had to practice
road rules and balance on our bikes.  We had to go over planks of wood it was fun we also
had to go over a ladder, it was really bumpy. We practised our road rules which is when we
had a buddy and then we looked behind us, we signalled and then just when we’re going to
turn we look one more time before we turn.
We also did a fun little warm up. We went zig zagging through cones
which was hard and fun. Ms Kemp had these pictures and we had to
look behind us to see them.  She was putting them up and down each time we went past, it was hard.

Following the court session students participated in a road circuit skills session.
There were people placed around the circuit and marks were given for using the following skills.

My marks were:

Approx 1 metre from kerb
Scanning for hazards
Checking parked cars
Look behind before hand signals
Correct hand signal
Look behind after hand signals
% Average Across Skills

This is my graph  for the Safe Cycling road circuit.I think you can see that I have to
improve and practice on the road on my bike. I think that the Safe Cycling program
should be done every year because little kids and big kids have to know how to be
safe on the roads and I think everybody would be much much much safer.