Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Wednesday Weaving


  1. Hello Billy, I love your explanation on your weaving it sounds interesting I think I will try it out hope you make more of these awesome videos and slid shows.

  2. Greetings Billy,
    I really love how your pictures are very clear and very easy to tell what it looks like. Was it hard putting it together? I think you should work on talking about what you did and the steps to it just in case other people would like to know what happen.

    Hopefully I get to comment on your blog again to see more of your work!!

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  3. Kia ora Billy
    My name is Sky and I go to panmure bridge school. I love how your weaving basket came out it looks amazing. I'm maori and I do weaving for a living and I think you would amazingly treat your family with things they need by weaving objects out. I think that you need to work on how you present your work because I noticed that you repeated words going on to different slides.

    Great work Billy keep it up.

  4. Hello Billy,
    My name is Carl I'm from Panmure Bridge School. I really like your work, I loved how you explain what you learn about weaving. Next time you could add a blurb to your blog so we can read it. What material do use for weaving?


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